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Tablo graduated from Stanford. Period.

"It is really sad that Tablo had to go THIS far just to get his name cleared. That shows how much he cared about, not just himself, but his friends, family and fans who were all hurting because of these retarded false accusations.
You know, I think I’d be more surprised if he WASN’T a Standford graduate. I mean, has any of these idiotic netizens actually heard his music?! The guy’s a genius and an inspiration. I mean, the moment I heard he was a Standford graduate, I believed it right away. Of course, it doesn’t matter to me either way if he graduated from a top university or quit school young because even a dropout could make amazing music with deep and meaningful lyrics. But, the fact that anyone would actually accuse Tablo of lying about it left me flabbergasted and agitated. Hello, it’s TABLO we’re talking about here. Of all people, why in the heck would HE lie about that? I mean, many people (including me) already respected him long before they knew about his academic background. All that did, for me, was kind of add to it. It wasn’t that big of a deal. But to call Tablo a liar! That’s just wrong.
Tablo’s a genius. Get over it, netizens. I’ll continue to love Epik High’s music no matter what trash you guys pull on them and I’ll continue to support them. Epik High has my respect and there are very few artists nowadays that have earned my respect and I’m sure Epik High’s REAL fans agree with me.

Taken from a comment at AKP. Word. Tablo is an inspiration and I'm sorry to those who can't appreciate his music. * goes back to listen to Lesson 1*

P/S: By the way anyone heard the awesomesttttt Eito's new single? TEH BEST THING EVARRR

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remember those days...?

Remember those days when SM artist used to do those intense, hardcore choreography? Damnnn, I reminisced and found some great clips while browsing through YouTube and as a proof of their incredible and vigorous training, I will put up the MR removed version.

Speechless. This is just...perfect. It's halfway through their concert goddamnit. How can they sing like that?

Ryeowook is effin amazing. 'Nuff said, his voice can be heard CLEARLY from the beginning till the end.

This is sick. Freaking unbelievable, wayyyy perfect :DDD

I can't find the MR-version, but do we even need to doubt BoA?

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Pairing meme \(*A*)/

I've done this before approximately around two years ago. Doing this again to see how much things changes. Oh yeah here's the link for the old shipping meme.

Name six ships you like:
01. Roy Mustang x Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist)
02. Takano Kyohei x Nakahara Sunako (YNSH)
03. Oga Tatsumi x Hildagarde (Beelzebub)
04. Nougami Neuro x Katsuragi Yako (MTNN)
05.  Hiruma Youichi x Anezaki Mamori (ES21)
06.  Usui Takumi x  Ayuzawa Misaki (Kaichou wa Maid Sama)

Three ships you used to like, but don't anymore:
07. Soul x Maka (Soul Eater)
08.  Tsuuji Ryuu x Finn Koupe (Special A)
09. Tsuruga Ren x Mogami Kyoko (Skip Beat)

Three ships in your various fandoms that you don't ship:
10. Fuwa Shou x Mogami Kyoko (Skip Beat)
11. Oga Tatsumi x Kunieda Aoi (Beelzebub)
12.  Roy Mustang x Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Two ships you are curious about but haven't actually started shipping:
13. Scar x Olivier Armstrong (Fullmetal Alchemist)
14. Ishigaki Jun x Todoroki Shizuka (MTNN)


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sorry and updates;

I'm sorry I haven't been able to post anything since I'm so busy with college life D: I never thought it'll be as hectic as it is, sometimes to the point that we'll stay up all night to finish an assignment. And...my fandom; sometimes, I didn't even have time to even care about them, for example I only knew that Jin left KAT-TUN from my friend who nice enough to text about it to me.

The only thing I've been keeping track is WGM. And for now, I absolutely adore KHUNTORIA ♥
I ♥ the fact that somehow Vic-omma is the !girlJokwon haha As she demonstrates her almost free-accent English ability; especially the 'He's crazy!' part. That is soooo Jokwon. And I love how Khun keep messing everything up in front of Vic ;DDD

And this is just *sigh* adorablenesss ♥
Btw, since my course requires me to love movies; I've been spending a lot of time watching movies. And I'd say that I've added two more under my favourites which are;
(500) Days of Summer - A simple story but yess, I think girls all over the world can relate to Summer. I mean, I wrote an essay for English class about 'How to End a Relationship' based on this movie :P Girls do what Summer did when they wanted a break-up. Guys seriously need to watch this movie to take precaution D:

Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind - Idk how to summarize the pure awesomeness of Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind ♥. I think the main message that I understood from this was that if you are meant to be with someone nothing can separates you not even a permanent memory deletion of that person :D

There's so much to write but so little time *bawl
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back and alive

Well, I'm back and alive for sure.

How long it'd been? 3 months?

There's so much I want to write about. But, I want to talk about national service in another post. I'm currently in college taking Foundation in Creative Multimedia at Multimedia University and whaddya know? There's soooooooo much works and assignments need to be done, and there's so much freedom at hand too. No curfew, no restriction whatsoever.

Somehow, it feels weird.

We need to wear shoes when we're needed to be in studio. Yeah, that black studded flat is mine. Somehow, during my orientation, I begin to turn into a flat-person than a heel-person who I used to be. =P
...and this is what I've been doing for the past 3 weeks or so? Haven't had enough sleep and I live with high caffeine intake. =.="
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UNF. Damn, KielTsubasa is hawwt.

Thanks avex, thanks Johnny's for sparing any theatre/dramatic/flying/flower/prince elements (unlike a certain someone).
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